State Units of Anti Corruption Front

Setting up of State Anti-Corruption Front

Keeping in view the response from all over India, the management of The Anti Corruption Front ®, has taken unanimously decision to set up, state units of ANTI-CORRUPTION FRONT®. The following state units, will spread the message of anti-corruption activities, to every nook and corner of each state so that the common masses fight the menace of Corruption. We invite respectable people, to set up State Unit and spread the message of eradicating corruption from the state.

The following posts are being offered in State Anti-Corruption Front as:

  • State Member,
  • City General Secretary,
  • City Co-ordinator,
  • City President,
  • District General Secretary,
  • District Co-ordinator,
  • District President
  • State General Secretary,
  • State Co-ordinator,
  • State President
  • State Chairman
  • State Patron

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