Corruption - a deadly menace

The most ugly thing in today's world is corruption. It is a well described phenomenon in the Oxford English dictionary as 'willing to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain'. In each and every walk of life people face corruption and crime-beginning from the birth of a child till death. The irony is that the people in general are fed up so much of talking and writing about this evil that they hardly come forward to some action. Corruption is rampant in much of the developing world. It is pervasive at all levels of public management, including the deliberate mismanagement of national economies for personal gain. Despite stringent anti-corruption laws and permanent commissions / boards to curb it in a number of countries, it reigns supreme they are tolerating it without protest.

Anti Corruption Front is providing the most powerful platform for common masses to register their complaints against Corruption/ bribe, with the help of right minded and honest persons from society and also with the help of some honest officials of various departments and the media. Our joint efforts may bring some fruitful result in curbing this evil which is eating out our social fabric gradually like an insect.

Our Motto - "Say No to Bribe - Say No to Corruption"

Through this campaign we intend to spread this message to the public. An evil like corruption can be eliminated only when the common man is empowered to become fully aware of his rights, feels the need and has the urge to stand up against corrupt public servants. To fight this menace of corruption, collective and concentrated efforts are required and hence, we at Anti Corruption Front have vowed to eradicate corruption and bring harmony in the society.

Apart from the campaign, other activities like essay competition; street plays on corruption, citizens guiding programme about reporting corruption etc. are also undertaken. Besides, Anti Corruption Front will also be involved in conducting these events and competitions that will be held during the campaign.

Anti Corruption Front is providing golden opportunity, to become part of this mass movement against Corruption, by joining as :

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