"Stop Global Warming (NGO)"

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JOIN Globally renowned NGO as activist-member.

No Experience/ Qualification Required.

STOP GLOBAL WARMING is India's only NGO, dedicated to the cause of promoting awareness among more than one billion Indians, about the Global Warming, its effects and how to stop it. For more details, visit: www.stopglobalwarming.in

Membership Drive

Membership is open to anyone above the age of 18, who has an interest in conserving the environment and ensuring that Global natural heritage remains intact for present and future generations to enjoy. Since the establishment of Stop Global Warming (NGO) many, both Indians and non-Indians , have joined the Stop Global Warming (NGO). Several are from the colleges and universities, and there are many national and international companies as corporate members. The Stop Global Warming (NGO) encourages active involvement from members of all ages and all walks of life. Activities and benefits for members include:

  • Name/ photo/ contact no of Member will be displayed in the website for instant global recognition and fame.
  • Participating in hands-on projects and awareness-raising campaigns to reduce litter, recycle waste, and help keep our environment clean.
  • Giving presentations to schools and community groups on environmental issues, including Hoe to Stop Global Warming, Carbon emissions, green house effects ,wildlife conservation and research.
  • Having access to the www.stopglobalwarming.in  website, which has news updates regarding the society's activities, tips for conserving the environment, informative articles, and links to other websites related to conservation and environmental issues.
  • Supporting realistic and worthwhile environmental projects Globally run by the Stop Global Warming (NGO), with all membership funds going directly to identified causes.
  • Best Strop Global Warming Activist will get reward of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000/- Conditions Apply.

For Indian National Only

  1.     Social Worker (State)
  2.     Sr. Social Worker (State)
  3.     Social Worker (National)
  4.     Sr. Social Worker (National)
  5.     State Director
  6.     National  Director
  7.     International Social Worker
  8.     International Sr. Social Worker
  9.     International Director  

For one time membership, please email : info@anticorruptionfront.org

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