All India Consumer Front

Is one of the many initiatives of ANTI-CORRUPTION FRONT. It is meant to help improve the quality of services being provided by various government and private enterprises. You can express your displeasure and let other people know the issues with various companies. You can share others experiences and submit your own complaints about consumer harassment. You can also discuss the various posts by posting and reading comments. If you want to know how different companies are faring, search for complaints regarding them in the search box. The concerned companies can also look up the problems their customers are facing and thus address the issues. Our Members can report to us about any wrongdoings by any individual. Business establishment/ Company etc and get rewarded for exposing such malpractices

The following posts are available:

1. Member-State
2. State Gen. Secy.
3. State Coordinator
4. State President
5. National Member
6. National Gen. Secy.
7. National Coordinator
8. National President

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