RTI Activists Front
(A Division of Anti-Corruption Front)

RTI Activists Front has been formed with a sincere and genuine effort to bring all the RTI activists together for all the RTI activists and activities. It is a Front to look into all the matters related with RTI activists, including their training, guidance, support and security related aspects. Aims and objectives of the RTI Activists Front are-
  1. 1. To work in the field of Right to Information
  2. To make a sincere and genuine effort through this Forum to bring all the RTI activists together to work in a cohesive manner
  3. To act as a nodal body for all the RTI activists and activities
  4. To look into all matters related with RTI activists
  5. To work for the training of the RTI activists
  6. To provide guidance and support to the RTI activists
  7. To look into all kinds of security related aspects of RTI activists
  8. To create awareness of the RTI Act among the common masses
  9. To keep a watchful eye at the RTI Act
  10. To keep advocating for the further betterment of the legal provisions of the RTI Act
  11. To try to make Right to Information a mass movement
  12. To do all such works as Seminars, work-shops, representations, public meetings etc. to fulfil the above needs
  13. To do Publication work for the above-mentioned cause
  14. To give awards to the deserving RTI activists
It is a matter of great privilege  to inform that RTI Activists Front has already got approval from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to publish a newspaper titled “RTI Times” It might be the first magazine exclusively devoted to Right too Information.

The following posts are available :
  1. Member-State
  2. State Gen. Secy.
  3. State Coordinator
  4. State President
  5. National Member
  6. National Gen. Secy.
  7. National Coordinator
  8. National President
For more information email : info@anticorruptionfront.org
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